Russia Ukraine War: Arrest warrant issued against Russian President Putin, know where the arrest got stuck

Russia Ukraine War: Arrest warrant issued against Russian President Putin, know where the arrest got stuck

Russia Ukraine War: An arrest warrant has been issued against President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Child Rights Commissioner Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova. After this decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a widespread attack by Russian troops on Ukraine continues. The ICC issued a statement saying that this arrest warrant against Russian President Putin and Russia’s Child Rights Commissioner has been issued in the crime of war crime.

Know what are the allegations against Putin?

According to the statement issued by the ICC, Putin has been held responsible for war crimes in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. He is accused of forcibly taking Ukrainian children to Russia illegally and illegally. The court said that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Putin is responsible for these criminal acts. It is alleged that Putin was directly involved in these criminal acts. Along with this, he did not even stop his soldiers and people from doing these acts. At the same time, Maria has also been held responsible for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children. Citing figures from Ukraine, the news agency said that since February 24, 2022, more than 16,000 Ukrainian children have been forcibly taken to Russia.

Will Putin be arrested?

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan is investigating the allegations of war crimes against Russian President Putin. He told the news agency that if Putin goes to any of the 120 member countries of the ICC, he can be arrested there. He told that this arrest warrant has been issued on the basis of forensic investigation. He said that the evidence we presented was focused on crimes against children. Children are the weakest part of our society. However, ICC President Piotr Hofmanski says that international cooperation is needed to implement the arrest warrant. According to the information available on the ICC website, 123 countries of the world are its members. These include 33 African countries, 19 Asian countries, 28 Latin American and Caribbean countries and 25 Western European and other countries.

Know where the problem got stuck on the arrest?

The ICC may have issued an arrest warrant against Putin, but the trial cannot continue until he is detained or physically present. However, running a case against Putin is also difficult because Russia is not a member of the ICC. This is the reason why Russia is not paying any attention to this arrest warrant. Experts believe that in such a case a separate tribunal can be set up apart from the ICC. The same was done during the 1990 Balkan war and the 1994 Rwandan genocide. However, there is a problem with this too, because no tribunal can start a trial without taking the accused into custody. If this happens then international law can get stuck.

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