The maximum demand for electricity in the scorching heat is likely to reach 260 GW, there will be dependence on coal.

The maximum demand for electricity in the scorching heat is likely to reach 260 GW, there will be dependence on coal.

New Delhi. India is likely to remain highly dependent on coal-generated electricity, with peak demand expected to reach 260 GW this summer. An official of the Power Ministry said on Tuesday that there is a possibility of severe heat in some parts of the country this year. During this period, the demand for electricity will also increase significantly and the Ministry is making its preparations keeping this in mind.

The official said coal stocks are being stockpiled at power plants to meet peak demand as renewable capacities continue to be ramped up. Apart from this, solar energy will also help a lot in meeting the demand. The ministry has directed all power generating companies, especially coal-fired thermal power plants, to postpone their maintenance plans. Apart from this, gas-based power plants have been asked to be available to generate electricity. The Indian Meteorological Department on Tuesday predicted that India will have to face severe heat in the April-June period. It is likely to hit the central and western peninsular parts of the country the most.

Apart from this, more than normal heat wave is expected in most of the plains. The Meteorological Department says that heat wave may last for 10-20 days in different parts of the country compared to the usual four to eight days. In such a situation, the Power Ministry estimates that the maximum demand in the country can reach 260 GW, which is more than the record of 243 GW in September last year.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told PTI that this time hydropower production will be less than last year due to low water level in reservoirs across the country. In this situation, coal-based power plants and solar energy will meet a large part of the high demand for electricity in the country. Union Power Minister RK Singh and top officials of the ministry have been holding review meetings with the railway and coal ministries, state officials and power companies for the last two weeks on the anticipated situation of extreme heat in the country, the official said.

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