Two thousand kms. Pally’s missile test

Two thousand kms.  Pally’s missile test

Tehran, Circle Institute: Iranne Tablig 2000 km Pally’s missile has been successfully tested. Iran has claimed that this missile is capable of reaching the Middle East, America and Israel. Despite repeated protests from America and Europe, Iran has said that it is interested in developing its missile program.

Iran’s Defense Minister Mohammadreza Ashtiani said, “Ha aamkee enemies hona ishara aahe.” We will protect ourselves under any circumstances and try our best for peace in the region. The Khyber Nawache missile is capable of carrying a warhead vehicle up to 1500 kg, according to Iran’s official news agency. These missiles have been deployed on patrol ships and submarines of the Persian Gulf. Navy officials say that Iran’s armed forces are keeping a constant watch on the movement of enemy ships in the port. This ballistic missile is capable of hitting more than America’s Tomahawk.

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