American netizens made fun of Yellen’s strange theory – Dainik Savera Times

American netizens made fun of Yellen’s strange theory – Dainik Savera Times


Recently, US Finance Minister Janet L. Yellen made some strange comments, which caused American netizens to make fun of her. Speaking on a tour of a photovoltaic cell factory in Georgia, US, Yellen claimed that China’s new energy industry faces a problem of “overcapacity”, which has distorted global prices and production models and harmed the interests of American companies and workers. Have caused harm.

As soon as this statement came out, American netizens immediately mocked it: “Earlier they were saying that China is not doing enough in the field of green energy, now suddenly they are accusing them of doing too much. Why can’t America keep quiet and do what it should do?” “When America has a competitive advantage, it talks about the free market; When this does not happen, he talks about protectionism.

This is American rules only.” These comments have exposed the overbearing rhetoric and hypocritical “double standards” of some American politicians. Green development is an inherent requirement of Chinese-style modernization. China is the first major country in the world to propose “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality” goals. In 2023, China’s “three new products”,

Including electric passenger vehicles, lithium-ion batteries and solar batteries, exports totaled 10.6 trillion yuan (about Rs 122.4 trillion), an increase of about 30 percent compared to 2022. This not only demonstrates China’s economic vitality, but also helps other countries make green transformation and make positive contributions to combating global climate change.

(Courtesy- China Media Group, Beijing)


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