International Bird Love Day: Contribute to protect birds – Dainik Savera Times

International Bird Love Day: Contribute to protect birds – Dainik Savera Times


April 1st is International Bird Love Day. Birds are the closest wild creatures to humans, which bring beauty to our lives. Birds play various roles in ecosystems like forest ecosystem, grassland ecosystem, farmland, lakes, oceans. As a country with a long history and rich natural resources, China has always been committed to protecting and maintaining its rich biodiversity.

Of which special attention is given to the protection of birds as an important part of biodiversity conservation. For example, the Chinese government has provided safe habitat for birds by establishing nature reserves, especially wetland reserves and bird nature reserves. So far China has established a vast network including wetland reserves, nature reserves, bird nature reserves, covering important bird habitats throughout the country.

In addition, the Chinese government has standardized and strengthened the protection of birds and their habitats through laws and regulations such as the Wildlife Protection Law.
In protecting birds, China has not only protected rare and endangered species, maintained ecological balance, protected the ecological environment and promoted sustainable development, but also set an example for global biodiversity conservation. . These achievements not only benefit the Chinese people, but also make positive contributions to the sustainable development of all mankind.

(Courtesy- China Media Group, Beijing)


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