Another Pakistani slogan ‘Hindustan Zindabad’!

Another Pakistani slogan ‘Hindustan Zindabad’!

Islamabad; circle organization: The Somali pirates in the sea are an extremely cruel group. Or Marine Aunty would have kept 23 Pakistani Khalashana olis. There was no name as to which Somali Somalian would kill the Pakistani and the unruly Indian Navy would come face to face with it as an angel. Somalians fight against robbers and Pakistani soldiers save their lives! O Pakistani Khalshi, we declare with enthusiasm and with open arms, ‘Hindustan Zindabad’!

If we cross the sea or our slogan reaches across the world, we will say everywhere, India is India after all… India is India only!
The Indian Navy received the news of the hijacking of nine Somalis looting bananas from an Iranian ship near Adencha Bay in the Indian Ocean. Indian Navy 29 March Rosie Jahachi Condi Kelly. 23 Pakistani sailors freed from Iranian ship; But nine sea aunts are not jagged bananas. All the culinary experts come in the form of happiness and do not hesitate to express their gratitude. Or the Pakistanis made a special video for this. So it goes viral.

Or the Pakistani security chief says in the video, my boat is Amir Khan. I am the master of a hijacked ship. We are here in Iran. Then the robbers hijacked our ship. Everyone is ready, this is how we feel, on 29th March at 3 pm, the Indian Navy entered like angels. Naudalatil or Jawanani fought the whole night. Free us bananas. Indian Naudalache Gratitude…Hindustan Zindabad!

hehe know…

– INS Sumedha and INS Trishul or two warships of the Indian Navy carried out the operation for 12 hours.
– Indian naval forces would have been in trouble on 19 January 1977, when Pakistani sailors were in trouble.

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