Bhutto-Sharif fielding, Imran clean bowled, calculations to form government revealed

Bhutto-Sharif fielding, Imran clean bowled, calculations to form government revealed

Elections were held in Pakistan on 8 February and even after two days the complete results have not come. What else can be expected from such a system? Till the time of writing the news, results of 255 out of 265 seats have come. At the forefront are Imran Khan’s independent candidates who have won 100 seats so far. Apart from this, there is Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim League which has 73 seats. Bilawal Bhutto’s PPP has got 54 seats. At fourth position is Altaf Hussain’s MQMP, which has 17 seats. It has become clear from the results that no party has got absolute majority. In such a situation, all the parties are engaged in manipulation to form the government. Nawaz Sharif is trying to form the government there under any circumstances, whereas Bilawal wants him to sit on the throne. In such a situation, he tells you what calculations can be done to form the government.

will form government together

The election results were not yet complete when Nawaz Sharif staked his claim to form the government. He had said in his address that I have told Shahbaz Sharif to meet Zardari Sahab and Maulana Fazular Rehman Sahab. Meet MQM so that together we can get out of this whirlpool. It is possible that Nawaz Sharif’s party PMLA and Bilawal’s party PPP may form the government together. That means, despite scoring a century of seats in the Pakistani Political League, Imran Khan has lost the match. Whatever Army Chief Munir wanted is happening in Pakistan. The army has trapped Imran in its googly with Sam, Daam, Dand, Bheed.

Who will become the pawn of the army?

The biggest question arising is who will become the Wazir-e-Ala of Pakistan? Asif Ali Zardari’s entire planning is to make Bilawal the Prime Minister. Zardari also discussed this issue in the meeting with Shehbaz Sharif. To form a new government in Pakistan, any party must win 134 out of 265 seats in the National Assembly. But no party could touch this figure on its own. In such a situation, Nawaz’s Muslim League and Bilawal’s People’s Party are ready to form the government together. But they also tell you how the government will be formed. So far, Nawaz’s party has won 73 seats, while PPP has won 54 seats and Fazlur Rehman’s JUIF has won two seats. After the alliance this figure becomes 129. In such a situation, this alliance will need five more seats. Results of ten seats are yet to come in Pakistan.

Independents invited to come together

If the alliance does not get absolute majority then they will need independent candidates. Nawaz Sharif has already made preparations for this. Reaching out to the public even before the results came, Nawaz Sharif started criticizing the candidates supported by Imran. He said that we respect the mandate given to all parties. Even if he is an independent candidate. We invite everyone to come together and work together to get Pakistan out of trouble. Due to the support of the army, Nawaz Sharif and his party appeared full of enthusiasm about the victory. But Nawaz’s confidence was shaken by the landslide victory of Imran supporters.

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