Meeting between Biden and Xi, both sides will ensure that relations do not deteriorate

Meeting between Biden and Xi, both sides will ensure that relations do not deteriorate

An important meeting between the US and China was held here in which US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to ensure that differences between the two countries are resolved and relations are not derailed. The two leaders met in person for the first time in a year, which lasted for more than four hours. The meeting took place at the Filoli Mansion in Woodside, about 40 kilometers south of San Francisco. This conversation took place in many ways, in the form of a bilateral meeting, over lunch and while taking a walk in the garden of the mansion. Sitting across from each other at a long table with their respective delegations, the two leaders stressed that it was in the interest of both countries to avoid confrontation and focus on cooperation.

An official said that the conversation was quite clear and spontaneous. He said that Biden clearly expressed his views and concerns to Xi and it is believed that Xi also expressed his views with his arguments. During the meeting, the two leaders discussed bilateral relations, regional and major global issues like Iran, West Asia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Indo-Pacific, economic issues, artificial intelligence, drugs and climate change. According to a senior administration official, after the meeting China agreed to take action against companies involved in the illegal drug trade in the US. He said the two leaders also agreed to resume military-level talks which will be led by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Chinese counterparts while Pacific commanders will cooperate at the operational level with their counterparts in China.

After the end of the meeting between Biden and Xi, the official, on condition of anonymity, said that finally both the countries agreed to cooperate on the issue of artificial intelligence. According to the official, Xi made it clear that he wants to normalize relations with the US. He said that on this, Biden clearly told Xi that China has not given equal opportunities to American companies. Xi also expressed his side’s concerns, saying reporting on China’s Communist Party in the United States is not impartial, the official said, and he also strongly denied reports that China was about to invade Taiwan. Biden and Xi also discussed the situation in West Asia and Ukraine. The senior official said Biden also wished Xi’s wife on her birthday. Xi’s wife’s birthday is next week.

The Chinese President thanked his American counterpart for reminding him of this. Xi said that he had forgotten about it due to his busy schedule. The US delegation led by Biden had about 10-11 senior officials and the make-up of the Chinese delegation was also similar. According to a senior administration official, the meeting between Biden and Xi cannot be called G2 because it was a “strategic calibration”. Earlier, Xi participated in the ‘APEC Leadership Summit’. He said that the earth is so big that two countries can achieve success in it and the success of one country is an opportunity for the other country. The Chinese President said, “It is unnatural for one side to change the other side.” Conflict and confrontation have fatal consequences for both parties…”

Biden said in his welcome address at the beginning of the bilateral meeting, “We have to ensure that competition does not turn into conflict and we have to address it in a responsible manner.” He said, “This is what America wants and we This is what we want to do. We also have a responsibility towards our people and the world. The serious global challenges we face, from climate change to drugs to artificial intelligence, will be addressed through our joint efforts.” Welcoming Xi, the US President said key members of the two governments have met since their last meeting in Bali on the sidelines of the G20. Have in-depth discussions on important issues that are important for both the countries and the world.

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