Vishwa Samvadita Yagya concluded in the newly constructed BAPS Hindu Temple of Abu Dhabi (UAE). Loktej World News

Vishwa Samvadita Yagya concluded in the newly constructed BAPS Hindu Temple of Abu Dhabi (UAE).  Loktej World News

On 11 February 2024, more than 980 people gathered for the Vishva Samvadita Yagya at the BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, offering Vedic prayers for global harmony. The event was part of the ‘Festival of Harmony’, a celebration of spiritual unity in cultural diversity organized to commemorate the historic opening of the BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi.

In ancient Hindu scriptures, Yagya has been described as a means of connecting with God. In this, prayers are offered to God for the protection and development of nature along with every living being. This Yagya was the first of its kind conducted in the Middle East country. The yagya was attended by dignitaries, spiritual leaders and community members to pray for peace, harmony and the well-being and success of all in the UAE and around the world.

Seven scholars and expert Yagya experts had come from India to perform these ancient rituals of Yagya. Along with this, the service of other Yajna-sevaks was commendable. They engaged the participants in the yagya through rituals and prayers. Everyone’s hearts were elated with the pure and virtuous rituals of the Yagya. More than 200 volunteers helped conduct the ceremony to provide the Yagya benefits to all participants.

Swami Brahmaviharidas, who is leading the temple project under the guidance of His Holiness Mahantaswami Maharaj, said, “This type of yagya is rarely done outside India. The occasion echoes the temple’s message of global unity. Unity is such a value, for the promotion of which the most revered Mahantaswami Maharaj is always committed. The morning atmosphere of this Yagya created peace and co-existence, which is a ray of hope for the future generations which the temple will further strengthen.

Today the auspicious light of the Yagya symbolized the removal of darkness and the emergence of spiritual knowledge. It was a wonderful scene amidst the rare background of rainy sky, in which all the five elements of nature were seen coming together.

Despite the humid weather, the joy of the participants did not diminish. Devotee Jayashree Inamdar, 70, who came from London to attend the event, shared her sentiments, “The rain made the historic event more memorable and enjoyable. I have never seen any Yagya being performed in the rain in my lifetime! “It felt particularly enjoyable and memorable.”

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