America: Mother accidentally puts baby in ‘oven’, baby dies

America: Mother accidentally puts baby in ‘oven’, baby dies

In Missouri, USA, a mother accidentally put her baby in the ‘oven’ (a device used to prepare or heat food items) instead of cradling him to sleep, due to which he died. A prosecutor gave this information on Saturday.

Mariah Thomas, of Kansas City, has been charged with child endangerment. On Friday afternoon, the police had received information that an infant was not breathing. The court statement regarding the probable cause of the incident said that the child had burn marks on his body and was declared dead.

The statement said officers who responded to the scene were told by a witness that the mother “accidentally placed the baby in the oven instead of in the cradle to sleep.”

The statement did not explain how such a mistake occurred. “This is an extremely tragic incident and we are heartbroken by the loss of a precious life,” Jean Peters Baker, Jackson County’s prosecuting attorney, said in a statement. We are confident that the criminal justice system will take appropriate action regarding this horrific incident.

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