Sengol Lord Mountbatten Nehru: New Parliament Building Row Lord Mountbatten Gives Sengol To Jawaharlal Nehru Know Assassination By IRA

Sengol Lord Mountbatten Nehru: New Parliament Building Row Lord Mountbatten Gives Sengol To Jawaharlal Nehru Know Assassination By IRA

London: The new Parliament building in India is ready and PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate it on Sunday. Opposition parties have opened their front regarding this. During the inauguration of the new Parliament, ‘Sengol’, the scepter of the majestic king of the Chola dynasty of South India, will also be placed near the chair of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. It is being told that this is the same Sengol which was given by the British Viceroy Lord Mountbatten to the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru through priests as a symbol of transfer of power in India. The Congress has raised questions about its veracity. In this whole matter, the name of Lord Mountbatten, the last governor of Britain, is repeatedly coming up. This is the same Mountbatten who was murdered in a gruesome manner in Britain. Let’s know the whole story…

In the 1980s, the Irish Republican Army was strongly opposing British rule in Northern Ireland. This opposition to the IRA turned into bloody violence. In the year 1979, on August 27, IRA attackers killed Lord Mountbatten, the last British governor in India. Lord Mountbatten was the uncle of Britain’s Prince Philip and the IRA took direct aim at the royal family by killing him. Not only this, during this time the IRA fighters launched a fierce attack on the British army.
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Loud explosion in Lord Mountbatten’s boat, all destroyed

Lord Mountbatten, a World War II hero, was aboard a fishing boat at the time of the attack. Mountbatten was on a boat with six other people near his home in North West Ireland. After several days of rain, the weather was fine and Mountbatten went out for a walk. His boat had just started its journey only 15 minutes before the bomb kept in it exploded. The bomb was detonated by two members of the IRA. They wanted to make Northern Ireland a separate country.

The Belfast Agreement was signed between the UK government and the IRA in 1998 and brought an end to the violence that claimed 3,600 lives. An eyewitness to the bombing told the New York Times, ‘Lord Mountbatten’s boat arrived there just before, and the next minute it became something like matchsticks floating on the water. Mountbatten, his daughter Patricia, her husband Lord John Brabourne, their two twin children were also present on the boat during this attack. Mountbatten, Nicholas Brabourne and Maxwell died instantly after the bomb attack. Lady Brabourne died the next day and the others survived after a serious condition.
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Big blow to Britain’s royal family

According to Andrew Lovney, who wrote a book on Mountbatten, 50 pounds of gelatin was used to blow up this boat. The explosion was so powerful that the entire boat was destroyed. Later the same day, another bloody attack took place on the Irish border, in which 18 British soldiers were killed. The assassination of Mountbatten was a highly symbolic target for Britain. He was one of the most respected members of the British Royal Family. Lord Mountbatten was also the mentor of Philip, who was the Prince of Britain at that time. Mountbatten was not sure of his assassination and hence he refused the protection.

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